Ultra Short Track Team Relay RACE

Since its inception in 2007, our Ultra Short Track Team Relay Race has been the cherry on the pie of our annual Series Grand Finale and the perfect outlet to celebrate the fun of summer bike racing, OBRA-style camaraderie, and all the great bike teams/racers/volunteers/officials who make the magic happen every week! 

The entry fee for the team relay is $30/team, which you can pay any of the next upcoming races at the pre-reg/info desk. 

As of Saturday 7/27, we have already the following 20 teams signed up and we have 4 more spots left:

Grouptrail Cycling, Fast Fun Nice 1, Fast Fun Nice 2, Planet PDX Cycling, Metropolis Cycle Repair, Cyclepath Racing, Stumptown, Rebound/Tireless Velo, Oregon Bike Shop, Dialed Cycling 1, Dialed Cycling 2, Dialed Cycling 3, bicycleattorney.com, 10 Barrel Brewing, Breadwinner Cycles, Biciclista Kids, Half Fast Velo, Beermongers, Swift Racing PDX, and - Portland Racing’s very own volunteer team - Volunteers United.

A couple rules for the Team Relay race:

  1. Every team has to have a designated team captain. If you plan to stage more than one team, you will have a unique team captain for each team.

  2. Every team must submit their tentative team roster (with 10 unique racers) via email by Sunday 7/28. It is okay if there are still a couple blank spots on your team roster and you can complete those on Monday, but you must have a complete and final roster in order to receive your relay race plates (see below).

  3. Each team will has to include at least 3 (three) women or junior racers!

  4. We will use special team relay plates, which must be picked up at the pre-reg/info desk by the team captains between 5pm and 7pm. Please hold off with distributing the relay plates until after the start of the Cat 1 race, so they don't accidentally end up showing in the regular races.
    Note: relay racers racing with regular (non-relay) race plates will not be honored by the officials

  5. Only racers who have registered/paid for a regular race earlier in the evening are allowed to race in the relay!
    Note: Portland Racing volunteers who worked during the races can race on a relay team, without racing a regular race.

  6. Racers can race for only one relay team!

  7. Each racer can race only one lap!

  8. The relay race is JUST FOR FUN! Please make sure to enjoy it in good sportsmanship, be courteous to fellow racers from other teams (we'll have racers of all ages and skill levels racing at the same time), and keep it safe!

Since we will only be using the motocross track, the laps will be ultra-short, ultra-fast and ultra-fun to race and/or watch. The hand-off between racers of the same team will be done madison-style (touch-and-go, with or without the slinging). Spectators are allowed anywhere along the course to cheer on the racers, but please stay outside the cones. Expect to see some flying finishes!

Some additional reminders for those racing in the relay race:

- Race plates: every team will receive 10 team relay plates that need to be attached on top of a regular race plate (they will be the same format). The numbering system will be as follows: team #1 will race with plates 10-19, team #2 will race with 20-29, ... team # 26 which will race with plates 260-269.

- Race order: all racers on the team have to race with plate numbers in ascending sequence (0 to 9). This will make things a lot easier for officials and course marshals, as well as for the racers and spectators, to figure out who is in the lead and which teams have been lapped. It will also make it much easier for the relay racers to figure out when they need to get ready and line up in the exchange area.

- Schedule: team captains will need to start gathering their team racers at 7:45pm at the motocross start gate (we will start wrapping up the third race heat around that time). We will have a brief relay racers meeting at 8pm (at the motocross start in front of the bleachers), right after the finish of the Elite/Cat 1 race. All racers will have to be race-ready by 8:10pm and we will start the relay race at 8:15pm sharp!

Staging, transition zone, start and finish:

The relay staging and transition zone will be at the same location as last year (see map below). To accommodate the larger number of riders, we will cone off two transition corridors (one on each side of the course, marked in green on the map) where next-in-line relay racers will have to stage at their "team cone" which will have their team number. Only one rider per team will be allowed in the transition area, so there will be only 13 riders on each side of the course. Incoming racers will not be allowed to stop in the transition area, but will have to pedal through and exit the course behind the transition area. Once a team's rider departs, the next rider will be allowed to get in position at their team cone.

The start will take place "Le Mans style" at an undisclosed location on the course which we'll announce at the rider meeting before the relay. Please make sure the first rider on your team roster is aware of this.

The finish will be at the regular short track finish line (under the Red Bull gate), so the last rider will have to continue riding through the transition zone and follow the regular relay course until he/she passes the finish line.


Ultra Short Track Team Relay - Hall of Fame

Below are the results of the previous 11 editions of the Ultra Short Track Team Relay.
Since the team relay race has always been an all-for-fun race, none of these results are officially "OBRA certified".