2018 "Summer Casual" Race Outfit Contest - PRESENTED BY Portland Design Works


 Thanks to all racers who came out last Monday and dressed up (or down) for the 11th edition of our "Summer Casual" Race Outfit Contest.

Make sure to check out the photos by Victor Duong and Nita Galambos of all the great outfits that racers were flaunting on and around the course!

Below are the shots of the winner, runner-up, and third place in each race heat, plus the 2 best junior contestants, who will all win some very cool prizes, generously donated by our friends at Portland Design Works. We also picked 28 honorable mentions who didn't make the top-3, but still can come claim a free loaf of Dave's Killer Bread at next Monday's race.

Thanks everyone for playing! A special shout to Victor Duong and Nita Galambos for all the great shots. And remember: "Every Monday is Casual Monday at Short Track!"

Portland Design Works "Summer Casual" Race Outfit Contest - 2018 Laureates:

Best Outfit (each winning a PDW City Rover 610 headlight & Asteroid taillight):

  • Race heat # 1: Whitney Hooker
  • Race heat # 2: Jake Creviston
  • Race heat # 3: Stephen Hartzel

Runner-up (each winning a PDW Shiny Object CO2 inflator + CO2 cartridges):

  • Race heat # 1: Kathryn Lewis
  • Race heat # 2: Philip Cardwell
  • Race heat # 3: Cooper Irwin

Third Place (each winning a PDW Meteoroid light set):

  • Race heat # 1: Maggie Creviston
  • Race heat # 2: Tom Perilloux
  • Race heat # 3: Jonathan Maus

Best Junior Riders (winning a set of PDW Lucky Cat Water Bottle Cages):

  • Rebecca Hillary
  • Jacob Hamness

Honorable/Fashionable Mentions (winning a loaf of Dave's Killer Bread):

  • Race heat # 1: Sue Hannah, Danielle Reynolds, Donna Russell, Jan Moss, Jerry Haxby, Kim A Neve, Bob Croucher, Kate Drennan, Shelly Boelter, Karon Rakoz, Emma Royce, Kim Sass.
  • Race heat # 2: John Golden, Mielle Blomberg, Seth Patla, Chris McCraw, Brendan Quinlan, Spencer Bushnell, Mark Sather, Jon Penfold, Ben Salzberg, Martin Joyce.
  • Race heat # 3: Abra McNair, Laura Trace, Fred Mills, Craig Austin, Andrew Smith, Bob Umberhandt, Lance Heppler. 

Note: all prizes must be picked up in person on Monday at the info desk (next to registration).