All races take place on the infield and motocross track of Portland International Raceway, located at 1940 N Victory Blvd in Portland.


Directions from Portland:

  • BY BIKE: ride to North Interstate Ave. Follow Interstate Ave all the way North where it merges with N Denver Ave.
    Continue North on N Denver Ave, until you cross the Columbia Slough. Follow the bike path towards the main entrance of PIR. Once you enter the venue, just follow the arrows to the "motocross track".

  • BY CAR: If you come out early you can take I-5 North and take exit 306B West, but after 4pm things can get pretty congested on I-5 Northbound, in which case you better avoid I-5 and drive North on Interstate Ave. Once you enter the venue, just follow the arrows to the "motocross track". Parking is free and you can drive all the way

  • BIKE ON MAX: take Yellow Line North and get off at the Expo Center MAX station. The PIR entrance is right across from the MAX station.


  • To avoid sitting in traffic, come early! You can park either outside the track (under the trees) or on the infield (the crossing gate will open some time between 4:30 and 5:00pm). You can pre-ride the course from 4pm on or join our free skills clinics, which start at 5pm.

  • If you arrive before 5pm and the track crossing gate is still closed, you must use the bridge to access the infield.

  • If you come by car, make sure to not leave bikes unlocked on your car or any valuables visible inside your car. The PIR parking area is unsupervised.


  • Always obey the speed limit (15MPH!) on the PIR property and use caution when crossing the track, both on your way in and on your way out. PIR Management has a zero tolerance policy regarding the speed limit and has the discretion to ban offending drivers from the premise, in which case the promotor can also disallow further participation in the series.

  • Look both ways for vehicles and cyclists when crossing the track.

  • Obey all signs and stay off any areas that are taped off.

  • Do not drive around (or ride your bike) on the PIR race track or any other trails or paths on the PIR property, except for the regular access road, the outside parking area behind the bleachers), the paddock (the paved parking area on the infield), and the area directly adjacent to the race course.

Never get tempted to jump a closed gate along the race track, which would be a major infraction of PIR safety rules.


  • Do not bring alcoholic beverages from outside the venue. However, you can purchase beer at the concession stand (across from the motocross tower) and consume anywhere on the premise.

  • Please do not litter on the course or anywhere on the PIR property. If you leave a bottle or clothing items at the start, please pick those up as soon as your race is over. Any left-over water bottles at the end of the night will be discarded by our clean-up crew.