Like previous years, we will host every week FREE short track pre-ride & skills clinics, where novice, intermediate, and junior racers will be able to hone their short track skills and familiarize themselves with the course.

We will have two separate clinics:
- Women's Clinic: lead by Elite Women short track racer Elaine Bothe (Wenzel Coaching).
- Men's Clinic: lead by Cat 1 Men short track racer Jeff Smith.

Each clinic will have the following structure:

1) Guided course preview (from 5:00 to 5:30pm): during the first half hour of the clinic, participants will get to ride multiple laps on the race course, while instructors will give pointers about specific sections and show riders how to efficientl navigate the more technical sections.

2) Fun skill drills (from 5:30 to 6:00pm): the second part of the clinic will focus on developing specific short track skills (including cornering, body position & weight shifting, and bunny hopping over small logs) and help you boost your confidence in your riding and racing abilities. Instructors will also provide plenty of "safe and defensive racing" tips, as well as how to race hard and smart!

Meet-up for the clinics is at 5:00pm at the Info Desk (next to registration), but you are welcome to "drop in" any time while the clinics are ongoing. Just come find us on the course (look for Elaine's red and yellow Wenzel Coaching shirt).

You don't have to register in advance for the clinics, but if you haven't raced in the series yet, you will need to fill out a series waiver.