Our Series Grand Finale is always our highest-attended race of the series and lines at registration tend to be longer than usual ( we always get a ton of new racers who come out to race the Ultra Team Relay Race and they all need a new race plate for their regular race).

So, be smart and save yourself time and money on Monday by registering online! It will also be much appreciated by our registration and scoring staff, since it means much less work for them on Monday.

Online Registration for our final night of racing - STXC # 8  (sold through OBRA):

  • CLICK HERE to register for our final race of the series (July 30).

  • When you register for your race online, you can skip the registration lines on Monday.

  • If you have already a race plate for the category you plan to race in and you have registered online, you can go straight to the start line (no need to check in at registration).

  • If you don't have a race plate yet (or you plan to race in a different category than the one you raced earlier in the series), you will have to stop by our Info Desk (located next to registration, under the motocross tower) to pick up your race plate. And then you'll be all set to race!

  • Online registration for race # 8 will close on Sunday 7/29 at 4:00pm.

  • Race Fees: Juniors: $10 / Adults: $22 / Second Race: $5

Day-of-Race Registration:

  • If you miss our online registration deadline, you can still register at the race from 4:30pm to 15 minutes prior to your start time.

  • The registration tent is located on the infield of PIR near the start/finish area.

  • You can pay with credit card, cash, or check.

  • Please schedule enough time before the start of your race, as lines can be long at the final race of the series.

  • Race Fees: Juniors: $15 / Adults: $25 / Second Race: $5

Junior rates apply to all racers aged 18 are under, regardless of the category they are racing in.

Per OBRA rules, kids under the age of 10 cannot compete in the regular races, but they can race for FREE in our weekly kiddie races, which take place at 5:30pm under the trees. Parents/guardians of kiddie racers are required to sign a series waiver.