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 Portland MTB Short Track Series

Weekly Raffle for Mat Barton

About Mat

On Monday June 11, at our second race of the season, Singlespeed & Cat 1 racer Mat Barton suffered an accident during the single speed race that resulted in a serious spinal cord injury, which has left him paralyzed from the chest down.

Mat is one of us, a fellow bike racer and many of you know him as a friend, but this obviously is about so much more than bike racing. Mat is a passionate and talented young man, and loving husband, whose life and the life of his family has just been changed forever by a freak occurrence. Mat's road to recovery will be long and difficult, and now it is our turn to help support him and his wife Jessica in their time of need.

The family, friends and co-workers of Mat have established a fund and donation page at to help offset to costs of his treatment and recovery. If you like to contribute to this fund, any amount would be greatly appreciated. There is also a link on Mat's donation page, with updates on Mat's progress. Your caring and support means the world to Mat and his family!

Weekly Short Track Raffle for Mat

To help with Mat's recovery, we decided to turn our weekly raffle into an ongoing fundraiser for Mat. Each race night, from 5 to 7pm, Mat's team mates of the Staccato Gelato team will sell raffle tickets at the info desk and the same night they will draw a set of 25 winners (note: you don't have to stay around to win). Raffle tickets will be sold for $5 ($20 will get you 5 tickets). In addition, Mat's team mates will sell short track t-shirts (price: $20), with 100% of the proceeds going to Mat's recovery fund.

Series Wrap-Up & Grand Raffle Prize Winners

a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our last raffle and/or bought a short track t-shirt. Over the course of the last 5 weeks, we raised $8,629 for Mat at Short Track! About half ($4,315) was raised last night alone - nothing short of phenomenal!

Also a big shout to all series sponsors who have generously committed to contribute to our raffle and Mat's wonderful team mates of the Staccato Gelato Team who put in an amazing effort for 6 straight weeks (and going) to support and raise support for their team mate. A truly exemplary team!

Here are the last set of grand raffle prize winners who weren't present during the raffle to claim their prize:
- Chris King Bottom Bracket: Erin Goodall 528993
- Yakima Front Loader Roof Rack: Tom Royce 528974
- Corsa Concepts Rim Set: Brendan Quinlan 528854
- $50 Bike & Hike Gift Certificate: Bill Alcorn 528951
To claim your prize, please contact Kris Schamp at


photo: Victor Duong

 Portland MTB Short Track Series