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 Portland MTB Short Track Series

"Summer Casual" Race Outfit Contest - June 20, 2011

Thanks to all riders who dressed up and raced in their summer-casual Monday best last week!
Here are some shots of our "prime" winners and some other noteworthy casual racers we spotted in each race heat.

The highlighted winner in each group wins a pack of freshly roasted Nossa Familia Coffee AND a 22oz bottle of locally brewed Hopworks organic beer. Winners can pick up their prizes nex Monday at the pre-reg desk.

Cat 3 Women

Our first "prime" winner of the night was Junior Women rider Carina Hahn, who opted to race in a casual, color-matching tennis outfit. Game. Set. Match.

(since Carina doesn''t qualifies for the beer and might neither care much for the caffeine, we decided to award her the Queen of the Night award, a $50 gift certificate, donated by our Women Sponsor Bike N Hike.)

Another notable Cat 3 Women contender:


Cat 3 Men

Okay. Not much of a contest in the Cat 3's, if the casual dudeness himself - aka John Golden - calls present. Fact: John doesn't own a single thread of lycra and has been racing both Cat 3 and SS on a BMX bike for the last 7 years. Word!

Worthy runner ups:


And a couple other Cat 3 nominees:





Cat 2 & Singlespeed Women

Naturally, wearing silky underskirts will provide you a leg up (no pun intended), nevermind the lycra bibs peeking underneath. Besides, you can't deny that Cat 2 U35 racer (and perennial short track volunteer) Ellene Smith always shows off in style, both on and off the bike!


Here are some other laid-back contenders... and, coincidentally, all equally loyal short track volunteers!
Lorraine (r) even managed to magically match Edwin's look, sporting oh-so-hip plaid bermuda shorsts, and a matching powder blue t-shirt... only the dreads were missing.



Singlespeed & Cat 2 45+ Men

The Singlespeed Men category is the epithomy of casual racing, so it was a pretty tough choice here... for the tie-breaker we had to take a closer look at who was racing the most casual bike. While Bob Libby's big wheels might not have gotten him anywhere close to a top-10 finish, they sure won him the title that really mattered on Monday!

The other usual singlespeed suspects:





And then there was the "80's shirt dude" with the most casually attached race plate (no prize for that!):



Cat 2 U35 & 35-44 Men

Tony Curtis for the win, with his impeccable white-trash casual look, including: ubiquitous A-shirt, cheapo aviator glasses, bleach-dyed short-shorts (with Budweiser boxers showing underneath), and an over-the-top, shoulder-strapped pack of Cheyenne smokes. Yikes!

Other Cat 2 Men "summer casual" contenders:




Pro & Cat 1 Men

We didn't see much casualness in the Pro Men field (that would indeed be an oxymoron of sorts), but at least there were a few Cat 1 Men racers who made up for it. Being a member of Team Beer obviously provides you a headstart; 3/4 cut-off kakhis and cardigan wool socks are another great casual asset; proudly showing off your tats will provide you even more of an edge; and a bare-chested dismount/remount will definitely bring home the goods. Get some, Matt Case!


Other lycra-abstaining Cat 1 racer dudes:




Pro/Cat 1 Women

Not sure what was going on in with our top ladies last Monday... not only did we have only four Pro/Cat 1 women toeing the start line (half the size of the previous week's field), but it looked like none of them had received the memo. D'oh!... Any of you girls up for a rematch?

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