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PRESENTED BY ISLABIKES - Race for the chance to win an Islabike!

Thanks to all kids (and parents!) who came out to race this season. We hope you enjoyed the races and we'll see you back next year!

Below our the "unofficial" official results of the Short Track Kids Races at our final night of Short Track racing. Thanks to all kids (and parents!) who came out to race this season. We hope you enjoyed the races and we'll see you back next year!

Also a big shout to Andrew Kreps, for running the races and tallying the results; to Ron Strasser for designig and setting up the kids course each week; to Ellene and Maria for helping out with the scoring of the races; and to any parents who lent us a hand with guiding the Cat 1 kids safely along the course!

Finally, congratulations to Kaiden McKee, who not only raced the Cat 1 Kids every single week of the series (and won 6 of her races!), but whose name was also drawn as the lucky winner of our kids raffle and who soon will be riding and racing around on a very cool new Islabike, generously donated by our Kids Race sponsor Islabikes!


Each week, at 5:30pm, we will host three FREE Short Track Kids Races which will all start near the regular start area under the trees.


Cat 1 Kids – start at 5:30pm - The cat 1 racers will do one full lap on the regular short track course. This race starts at 5:30pm sharp at the same start line as the regular short track races and ends at the main finish line (under the Red Bull gate on the motocross course), so they won't quite complete a full loop. This race is restricted to expert kids racers who have the ability to race a more technical course and ride over moderately steep moguls on the motocross course. One volunteer will lead the pack and a second will sweep behind all of the kids. Racer-parents are encouraged to chaperone this race by riding ahead of the lead, behind the sweep, or outside the course, but we ask them not to mix with the kids on the course.
Note: novice racers aged 10 and 11 who are not yet racing with the juniors are allowed to participate in this race (to get their feet wet) but won't be scored.

Cat 2 Kids start at 5:35pm - Cat 2 racers will do a 5-minute loop, possibly multiple laps, on the grassy area under the trees, close to the start area. This race begins at 5:35pm and is open to kids racers of all ages who are able to race a non-technical course confidently and unassisted. No parents on the Cat 2 course please.

Cat 3 Kids start at 5:30pm - Our cat 3 racers will do a short, 2-minute mini-loop in the same area as the Cat 2 Kids race. This race starts right after the Cat 2 race finishes, around 5:40pm, and is restricted to kids age 6 and under. Trikes, training wheels, and balance-bikes are all allowed in this race, as well as helping parents as long as they don't obstruct the racing kids.

Kids race for free but parents/guardians still have to sign a series waiver at the pre-reg & info desk (at the motocross tower).
- All kids will receive a unique series race plate at their first race. Please make sure to bring back your plates every week!

FREE post-race lemonade, PB&J sandwiches, and a chance to WIN AN ISLABIKE!
Every week, kids will get treated after their race on FREE lemonade (at the kids race registration table) and Dave's Killer Bread PB&J sandwiches (at the food station). And at our Series Grand Finale (on Monday Aug 1), we will raffle off a very cool Islabike among all kids who raced the series!  The more races you race, the higher your changes to win, so keep coming back every week!

Volunteers needed!
We can always some extra hands to help stage the start and finish of the kids races and lead/sweep the Cat 1 Kids race. It's only a 15-20' commitment and it helps us keep things running smoothly and safely (plus: helping make things happen - and making kids happy - is always fun!). If your kids are racing and you like to help out, please contact kris@portlandracing.com

Results Kids Races 2016

Race # 1 - June 6
Race # 2 - June 13
Race # 3 - June 20
Race # 4 - June 27
Race # 5 - July 11
Race # 6 - July 18
Race # 7 - July 25
Race # 8 - Aug 1

Results Kids Races 2015

Race # 1 - June 1
Race # 2 - June 8
Race # 3 - June 15
Race # 4 - June 22
Race # 5 - July 6
Race # 6 - July 13
Race # 7 - July 20

Results Kids Races 2014

Race # 1 - June 2
Race # 2 - June 9
Race # 3 - June 16
Race # 4 - June 23
Race # 5 - July 7
Race # 6 - July 14
Race # 7 - July 21

 Portland MTB Short Track Series